Quickbooks Usage Limits-Changing Quickbooks Online

Usage limits changing for your QuickBooks Online clients

Hi, We'reintroducing QuickBooks Online Advanced for customers who need more power and functionality.

Starting in late March and rolling out over the year, these revised usage limits will be applied to all QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus customers. We'll be sending an email to all impacted customers closer to the effective date, telling them when their usage limits will go into effect. In February, we'll also be sending Master admins an email, notifying them of the change and including information about their usage limit status. Be sure to check in with your small business clients to discuss their QuickBooks Online options. Here are the usage limits: Chart of Accounts 250 (Simple Start, Essentials, Plus) | UNLIMITED with Advanced Classes + Locations 40 combined (Simple Start, Essentials, Plus) | UNLIMITED with Advanced Billed Users 1 (Simple Start) | 3 (Essentials) | 5 (Plus) | 25 with Advanced Unbilled Users 2 Accountant users (all plans) | Unlimited reports-only users (Advanced, Plus) | Unlimited time tracking-only users (Essentials, Plus, Advanced) Customers who already exceed the usage limits can remain in their current plan. They'll still be able to use QuickBooks Online and keep their existing data. However, they’ll no longer be able to manually add to whichever usage limit is exceeded. For example, a QuickBooks Online Plus customer with 45 Classes and Locations can still use their account, but won’t be able to add any new Classes or Locations until they get their combined count below 40. Note that deleted or deactivated entities will not count towards usage limits. If a customer needs more than 40 Classes and Locations, they can upgrade to Advanced. Until May 31, 2019 you have the opportunity to offer your new and existing wholesale billing clients a 30% discount off the current list price for the life of the subscription— today that's $105/month instead of $150/month (limited time offer). Please note this does not apply to clients currently using QuickBooks Online who are not receiving a wholesale discount. By contrast, small businesses who pay for QuickBooks Online directly instead of through an accountant can subscribe to Advanced for $60/month for 3 months only (a 60% discount*), after which they'll pay the list price. Here's more information about this offer. QuickBooks Online is evolving to match our customers as they grow. With its ability to provide deeper insights, boost productivity, and streamline workflows, we're confident QuickBooks Online Advanced will better meet the needs of your complex small business clients. Sincerely, The QuickBooks Online Team

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