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Rezella McDonald

In 2008 I began working for two accounting firms simultaneously, as an independent contractor, while maintaining full time regular employment. At both of these accounting firms, I performed bookkeeping functions for multiple small business accounts while also dealing directly with the business owners. My duties included data entry, account reconciliations, payroll tax preparation and compliance, sales tax preparation and compliance,.

Rezella has been working in the accounting field since 2003, and has been providing bookkeeping services for small businesses since 1999. Rezella began her bookkeeping career while working for General and Sub contractors in the construction industry. Rezella used contacts working with CFO;s and CPA,s that would refer her to there small business clients to assist in cleaning up there books. Her background experience consisted of bank reconciliations for multiple bank accounts, accounts payable administration, billing and accounts receivable functions. Rezella was also responsible for customer service and office management.